A word on visiting Dino Reptiles

If you are planning on visiting Dino Reptiles, please take a moment to read this.  First off we are a home-based small business and have to mix our home life with our business life, not always a simple task.  As such we kindly ask that our hours of operation be respected.  Accomplishing all the husbandry chores required to keep our collection of snakes and other reptiles safe and healthy takes up a huge amount of our time, having to accommodate clients while closed is very stressful and making up the time to get everything done is almost impossible.

For those of you who want to visit in order to purchase or to talk about purchasing a snake or reptile, please call ahead to make an appointment, this way we can make sure that we have what you are looking for and also that the appropriate person be available to talk to you.

Lastly, for those of you who simply want to come over to look at animals and have no intention of purchasing anything, we respectfully suggest that another company such as Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo would be more appropriate to look after your needs.  We are in the business of looking after our animals and our customers, we simply do not have the time to act as a petting zoo for the public at large.


Diane and Norm