Important Notice . . . Closing June 30,2021

May 30, 2021


Well, the past pandemic year has not been an easy time for Dino Reptiles, with no Reptile Expos to attend, the boarding of animals being way down and sales in general being rather poor we have had to make a tough decision.  Given the current economic conditions we find ourselves in a position to have to close down the business.  This is not the way we wanted to end things but we simply have no choice. 

It has been an honour to serve the needs of so many good people and their reptile friends, many of you we consider family, many of you we have seen your  family grow from young children into adulthood over the past 20 years . . . where has the time gone.  In any event we are now looking forward to retirement and a plan to move to Costa Rica to continue the life adventure.

The bottom line . . . we will be open until the end of June 2021 and will be able to help with all the same services we have in the past other than boarding beyond that time.  So if there is anything you need off our web store, please do not wait until it is taken down after which it will be too late.


Diane and Norm