Reptile Boarding

Available to Ottawa and surrounding areas

African-FattailDINO Reptiles is happy to offer boarding for those of you who need to travel and don’t feel comfortable leaving your cold blooded friends with reluctant family or friends. We have taken in boarders for as little as a weekend and for long term stays of several months.

We have a limited number of spaces available, please book as early as possible. Call us for a quote at (613) 692-1643 or email.


Boarding rates as of January 01, 2019:

Daily rate $10.00

Week $60.00

Rates are based on one reptile per enclosure, subsequent animals in same enclosure (providing they live together at home) will be billed out at half the going rate.

Rates are for small to medium sized reptiles, we will quote for boarding larger snakes and lizards (large boas, pythons, monitor lizards etc. ) based on their needs.  Please note that we are not able to house any of the giants such as Rock Pythons, Retics as well as large monitors such as the Nile and Water monitors.