GL Green Sphagnum 4QT


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Green Sphagnum Moss, offered by Galápagos, is a long-fiber, leafy green sphagnum moss and a very versatile and important addition for terrarium pets. Suitable for many of species including anoles, salamanders, frogs, toad and more, this substrate serves a lot of purposes, and looks fantastic as well! Not only does this 5-star premium Green Sphagnum Moss have a very naturalistic appearance, it is also very absorbent, helping to control the humidity levels in tropical and wetland habitats.

This multipurpose substrate has been thoroughly washed and sieved in order to provide the cleanest moss possible, ensuring the health of your exotic pet. Green Sphagnum Moss is 100% safe for your pets, containing absolutely no salt, chemicals, oils or parasites! The naturally fungicidal substrate fights mites and odors, to provide your reptile or amphibian a comfortable, secure home. It is also a sustainable product, as the harvesting of the sphagnum moss has been ecologically regulated!


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