Welcome to Dino Rescue

Dino Rescue is a not for profit branch of Dino Reptiles dedicated to the rescue and successful re-homing of unwanted and or discarded reptiles.  We have decided to embrace this effort due to the ongoing and unfortunately increasing demand for this service.  We are certainly not the largest rescue nor do we strive to become that.  What would make us really happy would be for this service to no longer be needed, saddly that is not nor is it likely to become reality anytime soon.

Dino has been taking in and rehoming reptiles for several years now under the Dino Reptiles Banner, and have now decided to give the rescue division it’s own identity so that we can be more easily found by needy reptile owners.  We work out of our home and have limited space so acceptance of any reptile must be approved by our staff before it is brought to us, please contact us to set up an agreeable time before coming over.  The City of Ottawa has a number of bylaws that restrict ownership of certain reptiles within the city limits and we will only rescue those reptiles that are allowed under the bylaws as we cannot afford to come into conflict with the city and possibly be shut down and or fined.  So if you have reptiles such as large boas or pythons, iguanas, venomous snakes etc. we will not be able to take them in but will be happy to refer you to other organisations that can.